Profitable Snack Distribution Business


The Seller’s Company is one of the largest snack distributors & importers in Singapore, supplying to over a thousand distribution points across the country. For over generations, the Company has provided consumers with fresh and great value snacks from around the globe. 

Considered as a Veteran in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, the Company helps many new players in establishing product recognition and gain a foothold in the local market quickly via its established distribution channels. The Company has a track record of helping new brands to penetrate the market and gain consumer awareness expeditiously. Some of its clients includes major retail and chain stores, neighbourhood provision outlets, cinemas, vending machines and schools etc. 

Est 2020 Revenue $3 mil
Est 2020 Net Profit $150k


Assets Value :
Lorries x 3
Car x 3
Van x 2
Stock Value est $400k

Price : $1 mil

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