Prime Industrial Canteens (Properties) for Sale


30 years leasehold wef Jan 2014 (2 units amalgated to 1 canteen)
Woodlands vicinity

•        Ample car space within the development
•        Sizeable captive population from neighbouring industrial developments and residential estates 
        1st floor
•        Unit Size: 2,713 sq ft
•        Asking Price: $2,864,426

•        1st floor
•        Unit Size: 2,616 sq ft
•        Asking Price: $2,816,290
•        Number of stalls: 4 food stalls + 1 drinks stall


60 years leasehold wef 1996 July
Kaki Bukit vicinity

•        Highly visible main road frontage – facing Eunos Link and Kaki Bukit Avenue 1
•        Ample car park space within the development 
•        Within the catchment area of the Kaki Bukit Industrial Estate and residential estates
•        Unit Size: 10,409 sq ft
•        Asking Price: $15,000,000
•        Number of stalls: 12 food stalls + 1 drinks stall


60 years leasehold wef 1995 Nov
Eunos vicinity

•        Situated beside swimming pool, exuding cozy and relaxing experience
•        Minutes’ walk from Kaki Bukit MRT Station
•        Catchment of customers from surrounding industrial and residential estates
•        Unit Size: 7,696 sq ft
•        Asking Price: $6,618,788
•        Number of stalls: 9 food stalls + 1 drinks stall


30 years leasehold wef 2013 Dec
Tuas South Avenue
•        Ample car park space within the development 
•        Crowd potential from surrounding industrial estates such as Tuas Biomedical Park, dormitories and the future Tuas Megaport
•        Unit Size: 4,682 sq ft
•        Asking Price: $3,278,599
•        Number of stalls: 5 food stalls + 1 drinks stall

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